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Zo-ii is a playful culture organisation that curates, consults and documents events focused on games, design and play. Rooted in maker culture we believe in bringing people together for creation, inspiration, creativity and playfulness. We organise game jams, run workshops and curate festivals to explore the boundaries of play and technology together with professionals and different audiences.

Zo-ii Founder: Zuraida Buter 

Zuraida Buter is a playful culture curator at Zo-ii. She regularly speaks about playful culture, game jams, community and collaboration at conferences and festivals worldwide. In 2013 she won an award for Achievement and Innovation as result of her work as worldwide executive director of the Global Game Jam.

Zuraida co-founded the Playful Arts Festival (PAF) in the Netherlands, which aims to explore, stimulate and showcase the cross-overs between different fields of art, play, interaction, technology and design.

Zo-ii’s latest project is the Playful Culture tumblr: a curated collection of playful events, collectives, conferences and games.

What do you need? zo-ii is available for workshops, seminars, talks, game jam consultancy, exhibition curation, photography, playful concepts and much more.  She is based in Amsterdam & Utrecht, The Netherlands, her focus is NL/Europe/Worldwide.
zo-ii is looking: zo-ii is always full of ideas and is therefore also looking for collaboration partners.
Keywords: #collaboration, #playful, #indie games, #community
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Have a look at Zuraida’s previous & upcoming talks and projects here: http://www.zo-ii.com/about/appearances/

zo-ii | Playful Culture Curation

Zo-ii is opgericht door Zuraida Buter. Zuraida is meer dan 10 jaar in verschillende gedaantes betrokken bij de game industrie. Ze gelooft sterk in de mix tussen on-en offline communities om creativiteit en samenwerking te stimuleren. Ze focust zich op het creëren van verschillende platformen en kansen voor de game ontwikkelings- en play community.

Zuraida heeft een internationaal netwerk op het gebied van indie games en de play community.

Zo-ii’s meest recente project is de Playful Culture tumblr, een gecureerde collectie van playful evenementen, collectieven, congressen en games.

Vanuit zo-ii is Zuraida beschikbaar voor workshops, seminars, lezingen, game jams consultancy, cureren van tentoonstellingen op gebied van games of play, event fotografie, playful concepten en meer. Ze is gevestigd in zowel Amsterdam als Utrecht in Nederland.

Zo-ii is altijd op zoek naar samenwerkingspartners.

Kernwoorden: Samenwerking, Creatieve Industrie, Playful Culture, Indie Games. Community.
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Bekijk hier Zuraida’s eerdere lezingen, en aankomende lezingen en projecten: http://www.zo-ii.com/about/appearances/


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