INDIGO, the showcase for Dutch (indie) games I set up with my former colleagues at Dutch Game Garden back in 2009, has ventured outside of the Netherlands for the first time last March.

Each year San Francisco becomes the hotbed for game development for one week when the Game Developers Conference takes over the city. Thousands of people will visit the Californian city to be inspired, network and hear the latest in game design and development. The Dutch Game Garden took that opportunity to bring INDIGO to California, set up shop at the Dutch Consulate in Kearny Street in SF and invite press, business people and developers from GDC to delve into the world of Dutch game development.

INDIGO in San Francisco showcased 30+ games from Dutch soil, including games such as the successfully released game Reus by Abbey Games, the upcoming social party game for touch devices by Game Oven: Bam Fu and the experimental audio experience by Monobanda & Sonic Picnic called Remembering.

The games were displayed in the slick arcade cabinets INDIGO is known for. Martijn Koch of Retrospace was commissioned to come up with a special ‘light-weight’ design to transport them more easily across the Atlantic Ocean and back again, resulting in Retro Space 2.0 DIY Arcade Cabinets. Martijn went even as far as creating a cardboard version of the INDIGO Arcade Cabinet to display games on the move.

The guys from Dyzlo film created a video for Dutch Game Garden giving an impression of INDIGO in San Francisco.


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