A Scratch Night Of Play 2015

A Scratch Night Of Play – Curated by William Drew for Coney Coney return to Camden People’s Theatre to present another evening of playing theatre. We’ll again be presenting short pieces and works-in-progress that invite the audience to play (in some way or other) either in the theatre or elsewhere in the building: standing up,…


Beta Public 2015

Beta Public – three curated nights of videogames and performance. Play through a menu of the weirdest and most wonderful videogames, watch a selection of performances, and witness a world-first experiment in merging the live and digital worlds! Engaging performances and talks from exciting and provocative artists. Beta Public is about: New videogames and performance.…


ZooMachines 2015

http://zoomachines.com/ 10 special guests will present their innovative projects, initiatives and approaches in arts, games, production and distribution. It’s all about sharing new ways to create digital games, to impulse creativity and to inspire you! Zoo Machines is also a super-duper Game Jam! You will develop and build incredible new game experiences. Crazy controllers, amazing…


Parallels: The Freeplay 2015 Showcase

Game showcase http://www.acmi.net.au/live-events/talks-performances/parallels-the-freeplay-2015-showcase/ From the artsy, to the weird, to the provocative, to the punk. For over ten years, the Freeplay Independent Games Festival has been exploring these vital margins of game culture in Australia, from bedroom coders and artists exploring the possibilities of games, to game culture’s punk rockers and agitators. Returning after the…



Annual Dutch Games showcase
The next edition of INDIGO will take place on 29 and 30 September in TivoliVredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Dutch Film Festival and Control Conference. This year, INDIGO consists of a main day with international guests (Sep 29th) and a public afternoon (Sep 30th).

Tue 10:00 – 21:00 | Wed 13:00 – 17:00

Control Conference 2015

Game Development Conference – Utrecht http://controlconference.com/  This year’s Control Conference is going to be the biggest ever. We’ve grown from a one-day event to a fully-fledged three-day conference. New this year are the Worldbuilding Seminar and the Applied Games Summit. Furthermore, on Tuesday we’d like to welcome our attendees to an overview of the best Dutch indie games at…

EGX 2015 Leftfield Collection

From the announcement: The Leftfield Collection provides a free platform for indie developers to show their latest projects at EGX. Once again, competition for places has been high with over 200 games submitted, displaying an exceptionally high level of quality throughout. The eclectic mix of games include: ‘atmospheric, relaxing, childhood countryside exploration simulator’ Quiet as…

Fantastic Arcade 2015

Fantastic Arcade 2015 – games, talks, tournaments, special events. From the announcement: For the sixth year we’ll be bringing you the best new indie videogames, plus talks, tournaments and special events, but this year we’ll be bringing you six games in custom arcade cabinets that will ALL be ORIGINAL titles premiering for play at Fantastic…

Pop Up Arcade Launch Party (2) – 2015

Press Fire to Win presents: Pop Up Arcade 2015

Part of the Brighton Digital Festival

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pop-up-arcade-launch-party-2-tickets-18158437375



Super Hexagon
Höme Improvisåtion
JS Joust
Gang Beasts
Realistic Kissing Simulator
Line Wobbler
Mount Your Friends
Push Me Pull You


Captain Bleepheart
Cisco & Paris