Splash – game jam on a cruise ship “A GAME JAM that takes place on a cruise ship waaaay above the Arctic Circle.” Follow along for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/splashgamejam/

ZooMachines 2015

http://zoomachines.com/ 10 special guests will present their innovative projects, initiatives and approaches in arts, games, production and distribution. It’s all about sharing new ways to create digital games, to impulse creativity and to inspire you! Zoo Machines is also a super-duper Game Jam! You will develop and build incredible new game experiences. Crazy controllers, amazing…

Nordic Game Jam 2015

Nordic Game Jam is the biggest video game industry event in Denmark and one of the largest game jams in the whole world. Jamming since 2006. Programme: 5 Feb: Nordic Game Jam Pre-Party 6 Feb: Playdate, Talks, Keynote, group forming, jamming 7 Feb: Jam time 8 Feb: Finish games, jam game expo, presentations, voting, awards.

MolyjamNL 2013 in the news

Last weekend I organized MolyjamNL in the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht. Molyjam is an annual game jam taking place worldwide, inspired by tweets from Peter Molydeux, the satirical twitter account that parodied game industry veteran Peter Molyneux’s public persona. You can read more about MolyjamNL on the official Dutch website I created for the…

BBC Article on the Global Game Jam

BBC published an article on game jams on their news site on June 13, 2011. “Video game ‘jams’  produce  new titles  in 48 hours” It talks about the Babycastles gamejam and the Global Game Jam: Excerpt: [pullquote type=normal] Large video game titles often take thousands of hours, scores of programmers, and vast sums of money…