14 Feb 2012 – Second edition of Control Gamelab in Pakhuis de Zwijger was all about Global Game Jam 2012, specifically Global Game Jam NL. What happened? What games were made? What to do with your game after the jam?

Below you will find a short photo report of the event.

Dutch Game Garden brought about 15 INDIGO arcade cabinets for the evening to showcase a bunch of #ggjNL games.
Control Gamelab #2 - 04

Control Gamelab #2 Opening screen
Control Gamelab #2 - 10

Showcasing Audience Awarded game Croctail (GGJNL Hilversum)
Control Gamelab #2 - 22

Showcasing Audience Awarded game “You Keep Dropping These Things And Don’t Seem To Notice” (GGJNL Enschede)
Control Gamelab #2 - 23

JP van Seventer and Matthijs Dierckx talking with Dylan Nagel about his GGJ experiences as a professional.
Control Gamelab #2 - 25

Kars Alfrink (Hubbub) and Karel Millenaar (FourceLabs) talk about their GGJ experiences abroad (GGJ Berlin by A MAZE)
Control Gamelab #2 - 31

The “Kleine Uil‘ (little owl) little brother of the Dutch Game Awards, for audience voted Dutch ‘winner’ of GGJNL.
Control Gamelab #2 - 39

A couple of international games were shown to the crowd. Below Hyper Manly Rainbow Chesthair Shooter (FGJ Kajaani)
Control Gamelab #2 - 43

Joost van Dongen (Ronimo Games  & Proun) watches the crowd from the stage.
Control Gamelab #2 - 49

Guus Hoeve talks about his team’s game Catch-22 (GGJNL Amsterdam)
Control Gamelab #2 - 63

Jury Award winner “The Small Bang Theory” (GGJNL Breda)
Control Gamelab #2 - 57

Jury Award Winner “Size Matters” (GGJNL Hilversum)
Control Gamelab #2 - 71

Control Gamelab #2 audience could vote for #ggjnl games to receive the “Kleine Uil 2012”
Control Gamelab #2 - 79

Audience voted “Kleine Uil” winner: Catch-22!
Control Gamelab #2 - 82

Vlambeer & Friends accepted the challenge to do a hyper game jam during the hours of Control Gamelab. They created the game “Café Noir” within 2 hours.
In the photo: Rami Ismail, Eric Bartelson, Roy Nathan de Groot and Rutger Muller.
Control Gamelab #2 - 89

Jan-Willem Nijman plays through the game that was made within 2 hours from scratch.
Control Gamelab #2 - 91

Read more about Café Noir game: http://www.vlambeer.com/2012/02/15/cafe-noir-hyper-game-jam/

Café Noir timelapse video:

Berlin experiences by Dutch team:

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