AZPlay 2017

“VIII International Festival of Independent Games From November 29 to December 3, Azkuna Zentroa will be holding the 8th International Festival of Independent Games AzPlay, a not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work. AzPlay 2017 will be a meeting point for knowledge…

Fantastic Arcade 2017

Fantastic Arcade is a celebration of indie and cult videogames, hosted by The Alamo Drafthouse and curated by Juegos Rancheros. Taking place during the weekend of November 17th-19th, Fantastic Arcade will feature more games, tournaments, special screenings, talks, parties and prizes than ever before.

Next Level 2017

Festival for Games From the 9th to the 12th of November 2017 Düsseldorf will once again be about the future of digital games in art, education and business. For the second time, the NRW KULTURsekretariat together with many partners invites all friends, fans and experts of the digital game culture to the Next Level Festival in…


Splash – game jam on a cruise ship “A GAME JAM that takes place on a cruise ship waaaay above the Arctic Circle.” Follow along for more updates:

Contours 2017

A mixtape exhibition of contemporary Australian videogames, split into two sides: Side A explores “Not Quite Games”, games that don’t quite fit our understanding or expectation of what games are. Side B focuses on “Personal Games”, games that are intimate, autobiographical, or personal in nature. Contours features playable games, zines, books, comics, artwork, paintings, sculptures, videos, photography…

Vector Festival 2017

Vector Festival is a participatory and community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing digital games and creative media practices. Presenting works across a dynamic range of exhibitions, screenings, performances, lectures, and workshops, Vector acts as a critical bridge between emergent digital platforms and new media art practice. The 2016 Festival took place between July 14-17, 2016 across…

Game Happens! 2017

23-24 June 2017, Genova (Italy) The international festival in Italy where game design looks beyond its own boundaries. This fourth edition features two days of talks and showcased games full of extra inspiration from performing arts.

No More Sweden 2017

No More Sweden is a gathering of independent game developers from the whole world meeting up somewhere in Sweden. The event has been arranged every year since 2008.

Feral Vector 2017

Feral Vector takes place in an old church next to a wooded ravine, in the town of Hebden Bridge. It has workshops, talks, interviews, live games, local multiplayer, Q&As, performances, walks, and other things. It’s centred on the subject of game design, its wider influences, the places people think it should go next, and the…