• Location: Het Bos, Antwerp (BE)
  • Supported by: Microsoft, LUCA School of Arts, POW 3D Design Studio, IMEC
  • Partners: The House of Indie,, Het Bos
  • Expo Design:
  • Special Thanks: Bram Michielsen, Pepijn Willekens, Dennis Shmonk van Eynde, Robin Hectors, Jacob Gruyaert, Jonatan van Hove, Michel Marsman, André Adriaansen, Laura Geerts, Ayke Gubbels, Kate De Deken + all volunteers.


  • Curation
  • Organisation in collab with The House of Indie
  • Exhibition Design in collab with Pieter Bostoen
  • International network in independent game developers community
  • Social media
  • Live documentation + video

'#screenshake17 is really beautiful. Curation+staging create a soothing atmosphere'

– Lisa “SilverSober“.

Three-day independent games exhibition, part of Screenshake 2017 festival.

“A highly-curated line-up of contemporary, independent games. Through custom-built arcades and installations, we extend the world of each game into our expansive, coherent Screenshake universe”.

In the third quarter of 2016 I was invited by Screenshake directors to be the guest curator for the Screenshake Game Expo 2017. Screenshake is a festival that celebrates independent games together with national and international artists and a general audience.

The Game Expo is one of the main events of the festival which invites the general audience to experience experimental and expressive games that have been made in the past year. As curator it was exciting for me to have the opportunity to work with the House of Indie in Belgium and work with a design studio for the exhibition scenography.

For the Expo I made a selection of games showing diversity in creators, topics, approaches and interfaces that could appeal to a range of different people.


2016 was a wonderful year for indie games. For the Expo I made a selection of games showing diversity in creators, topics, approaches and interfaces that could appeal to a range of different people.

The exhibition featured works from international creators:

  • Everything – David O’Reilly & Double Fine
  • Remembering – SonicPicnic, Monobanda PLAY, Lizzywanders, Rik de Rooij
  • Beasts of Balance – Sensible Object
  • A Normal Lost Phone – Accidental Queens
  • Lieve Oma – Florian Veltman
  • Triennale Game Collection –  Fondazione Triennale di Milano & Santa Ragione
  • Hathor – Lumina
  • Beglitched – Hexecutable
  • She Remembered Caterpillars – Jumpsuit Entertainment
  • One Night Stand – Kinmoku
  • TumbleSeed – Greg Wohlwend, Benedict Fritz, David Laskey, Joel Corelitz, and Jenna Blazevich
  • Virginia – Variable State
  • Catacombs of Solaris – Ian McLarty



The internal theme for Screenshake 2017 was "Roots". After talking with several design studios to create the exhibition scenography, we decided to work together with Pieter Bostoen. Pieter came up with the design for wooden panels that echoed the idea of roots which would function as walls to divide the space.

We darkened the space and used plants, wooden logs and coloured light to give the space a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I used different heights, formats and screensizes for the exhibited games to create a dynamic flow and made sure there was enough room for people to play, watch and walk around. There were also couple of nooks and crannies to discover.

What they said


  • Photo credits: Zuraida Buter