Theme: Bodies at Play

  • Co-Curator: Iris Peters
  • Location: Willem II Fabriek, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
  • Supported by: Willem II Fabriek, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
  • Partners: FAQ Festival, HKU, AKV | St Joost, Avans Hogeschool
  • Initiative of: Wave of Tomorrow; zo-ii


  • Curation
  • International network in playful design community
  • Social media, website design, communication
  • Live documentation + video
  • Mentor design process students
  • Feedback commissioned work
  • Collaboration design/branding

'With every exhibited work you are invited to get out of your comfort zone and become an active participant'

– Bertus Rosier, visitor.

One day event featuring an exhibition, workshops, performances, play tests, masterclasses and artist talks.

With the theme Bodies at Play we selected and commissioned work for our one day event. Participants and audience consisted of artists, professionals, art students and the general public.

We had an open call for artists to submit their work in addition to our own selection that got responses from artists and game designers in different countries.

We worked together with three different universities and their students to create new playful arts projects. We also commissioned a large-scale playful labyrinth that was created by Joël Vegt.

Backgrounds participating artists: playful design, theatre, dance, performance, sound design, game design, interactive art, visual art.

We invited curators and festival programmers to our event for dinner to discuss playful arts and possible future collaborations.


Playful Arts Sessions is an event of Playful Arts Festival, an initiative of Wave of Tomorrow and zo-ii. The festival curates at the intersection of visual art, performance art and playful design in order to encourage social interaction.

Playful Arts Festival brings people together to explore the boundaries of what playful art can be and connects people by creating memorable and playful moments. In this way, the festival strives to bring more playfulness in people’s lives and make a positive difference.


The exhibition featured works from national and international creators:

  • AKV|St. Joost: Pulling strings,

  • Lidyann van der Wolf: Flour Piece,

  • HKU: The Floor is Lava, Andreas Refsgaard:

  • Eye Conductor,

  • HKU: Herd.

  • HKU: Alter Ego,

  • AKV|St. Joost: Moving Sculpture Experience

  • The Channel Surfers,

  • Ludmila Rodrigues: Polytope,

  • Anna Vasof: Foodball,

  • George Buckenham:Punch the Custard,  

  • Joël Vegt: Maze of the Minotaur,

  • AKV| St. Joost: Magnificent,

  • HKU: Personal Space Invader,

  • AKV St. Joost: Anoniem.

Talks, playtests, masterclasses

Session Kaptka,

Sytze Schalk, Laura van Eck, Anneloes van Assem, Joel Vegt, Rosa Frabsnap, Amy van der Weerden, Matthijs Mahler, Sofieke de Kater


Robin Berkelmans – Performance: Happy Once More

Music Performance:

Tijs Ham – Three Mixers (Curated by FAQ)


Ludmilla Rodrigues; Oxypump; Robin Berkelmans; Lisa Rombout; Andreas Refsgaard; Beatrice Puijk

Play Session:
Playful Revolution – Sylvan Steenhuis
Surrender – Team Surrender

Out of your mind – Ulrike Scholtes, Marielle Kleyn Winkel

Adriaan de Jongh




  • Photo credits: Zuraida Buter, Iris Peters