Themes: The New Intimacy / Women in Games


  • International network
  • Access to game developers (local, regional, international)
  • Playful Design knowledge
  • Expertise: Alternative Controllers
  • Expertise: Diversity / Women in Games
  • ConceptualisationCollaboration

Incubate Arcade is the experimental game exhibition that runs alongside cutting edge culture festival Incubate in Tilburg. The second edition of Incubate Arcade took place from 8-11 September 2016.

Incubate Arcade 2016 explored intimacy, alternative controllers and the work by female indie developers in an exhibition with 35+ games & installations.

For us as curators, one of the goals of the exhibition was opening up the world of experimental videogames to a general audience. With the theme of intimacy we challenged the audience to think about the relationship between themselves, their personal space and the connection with others, with videogames as the facilitating medium. The use of alternative controllers created an accessible way for the audience to interact with the games.

With the theme Women in Games we celebrated diversity and invited the audience to explore work by female game developers. We worked together with a couple of diversity initiatives from around the world to bring games from their communities to Incubate Arcade. One of those was Girls Make Games, which made it possible for the audience to enjoy games made by girls between the age of 10 to 16.

'Incubate Arcade had a thoughtful collection of local multiplayer games, curated with a deep understanding of creating spaces and changes for people to be playful with one another, friends and strangers'

– Kaho Abe, participating artist.
Exhibition Statement

Incubate Arcade
Diversity & Intimacy

Incubate Arcade presents a collection of emerging voices within the discipline of game design. International in scope, it shows a wide range of creators who are exploring new perspectives. Each creator represented is connected not only through shared themes, such as embodiment and intimacy, but online in a collective conversation. Prototypes and one off interfaces fuel creativity and indicate a possible future direction for the mainstream market.

In addition, international communities supporting women in local contexts have been invited to represent their organisation and the work taking place within them. Diversity of practice emerges when multiple viewpoints are present. By fostering conversation between games creators, music aficionados and curators, new opportunities and ideas are born.

The exhibited works range from purely physical exercise, to meditative experiences, to questioning intimacy, personal boundaries and the world around us.  At the same time the exhibition invites the audience to connect with each other and the presented projects in a playful and often joyful way.
Jump, lick, bend and relax together to engage with these playable experiences.

Curated by: Martijn Verhallen (Reverse Landfill) and Zuraida Buter (zo-ii)

Special thanks to all artists and designers who collaborated with us to showcase their work


The exhibition featured 35+ works from national and international creators:

  • BEAK BEAK by Aran Koning
  • Hug Gods by Shalev Moran
  • Line Wobbler by Robin Baumgarten
  • Pain Station by //////////fur////
  • Homies by Sam Sheffield
  • CLITar by Celia and ULCS voidLab
  • Hotaru, The Lightning Bug Game by Kabo Abe
  • Fluc by Dreamfeel
  • ROFL Pillar by Lucky Frame
  • Cunt Touch This by Sabine Harrer, Ida Marie Toft, Raimund Schumacher, Andrea Hasellager. (Copenhagen Game Collective)
  • Get on Top by Bennett Foddy and Douglas Wilson
  • Palimpseste by Lechantducygne
  • White Lilly by Charlotte Madelon
  • Beyond Eyes by Sherida Halatoe
  • XYZ by Marieke Verbiesen and Martijn Verhallen
  • No Pain No Gain by Loic Perillier, Tom Victor, Tim Guthmann and Pierre
  • In Tune by Jessica Rose Marcotte and Zachary Miller
  • Bot Party by Phoenix Perry
  • Smooch Station by Johannes Følsgaard, Lise Ivanouw, Anne Clausen and raghaaav
  • Sacramento by Dziff
  • Tengami by NyamNyam / Jennifer
  • SimAntics by Liselore Goedhart, Tom Francis
  • Perfect Woman by Lea Schoenfelder and Peter Lu
  • ZINE FAIR LADY by MorganSea
  • Hathor by Lumina 
  • Magnetize Me by Morten Mygind, Lena Mechtchanova, Amani Naseem, Giacomo Neri, Patrick Jarnfelt
  • Closer by Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan
  • Beglitched by Hexecutable (Jenny and Alec)
  • Slam City Oracles by Jane Friedhoff
  • Tetrageddon Games by Nathalie Lawhead
  • Familiar by Julieta Lombardelli
  • Dear Leader by Anna Kipnis and team
  • Evita Sempai by Florencia Rumpel
  • Dream Interaction by Laura Palavecino and Andres Martin Britos
  • The hole story – Karen Xu, Ivy Wooldridge, Serena Rusboldt, Cassia Haralson, Samantha Ho, Huaning Wang, Samantha L., Avery Johnson
  • Interfectorem (Act1) – Avalon Brevik, Izzy Penston, Lucia Plymale, Summer
  • BlubBlub: Quest of the Blob – Team BlubBlub


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