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A day with masterclasses for creative professionals interested in a playful perspective.

The Art of Play (TAoP) is a recurring one day event with short talks and several Masterclasses. Creative professionals get together for inspiration, collaboration and brainstorming and (re)connect with playfulness. We bring in experts from the Netherlands and abroad to inspire participants from a variety of perspectives.

During The Art of Play: Stimulate the Senses, we designed, discussed and explored concepts focused on playful, sensory and interactive experiences using sound, wearables or immersive space.

We paired up two experts from different disciplines (and countries) to give a masterclass together creating interdisciplinary cross-overs from the get-go. We introduced the experts to each other via skype after which they could come up with the masterclass content. We provided them a few pointers and their specific themes: Sense of Sound, Immersive Space or Expressive Wearables.

The Art of Play is part of Playful Arts Festival, an initiative of organisations Wave of Tomorrow and zo-ii.


Masterclass #1

Sense of Sound

by Dieter Vandoren of iii Initiative (NL) and Nikki Pugh (UK).
A cross over between sound design and pervasive game design. What role can audio play in a playful interactive experience?


Dieter Vandoren is a media artist, performer and developer. He is currently occupied with the development and performance of spatial, immersive audiovisual instruments with a strong focus on the embodied aspect of performance.

Nikki Pugh is an artist who operates at the intersection of people, place, playfulness and technology. She is currently developing her project Colony as part of a residency at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.

Masterclass #2

Immersive Space

by Sarah Piyannah Cederstrand (DK) and Cateringa & Kompanen (NL).

How can you design an immersive experience for a physical space? How can food and drinks enrich the sensory experience within this space?

Sarah Piyannah Cederstrand is a set designer working with scenography, costume design and concept development. One of the focal points of her work is an exploration of curiosity as well as the relationship between actor and spectator.

Cateringa & Kompanen is a conceptual catering collective that provides interactive eating-experiences. Their work deals with the relationship between location, food, and (performance) art.

Masterclass #3

Expressive Wearables

by Vloeistof (NL) and Mechbird (FR).

The body as interface. Learn the importance of dynamics and movement from dance collective Vloeistof and explore the connection with wearables and playful design with game designer Mechbird.

Vloeistof is a dance performance collective. The collective is specialized in developing performances in which the audience is an active participant, shaping the experience and creating the performance.

Mechbird is Tatiana Vilela, a playful experience designer. Her creations are characterized by unique perceptual experiences.