INCUBATE ARCADE 2016: Conversations_

Curator & Organiser

  • Location: De NWE Vorst, Tilburg (NL)
  • Commissioned by: Incubate
  • Supported by: The Art of Impact, VSB
  • Thanks: All speakers and participants

One day conference with workshops, panels and talks as part of Incubate Arcade 2016.

Incubate Arcade explored intimacy, alternative interfaces and the work by female indie devs in an exhibition with 35+ games & installations.

On Saturday I invited participating artists and game designers to talk about their work in an intimate setting. The day brought artists and game designers together but also served as an introduction to the game industry for the Incubate audience. 



Human Chain: Using Bodies to Make a Circuit by Kaho Abe

Discover what you can do with a little arduino board and human bodies! A workshop for curious people who want to explore human touch, interaction and technology.

In this workshop we will build a simple circuit that senses completed circuits using human bodies and touch. We will explore the potential of Arduino and Processing as tools for creating alternative interfaces and games. Finally we will brainstorm some ideas for games using the sensor.

What Does Sound Effect/Affect? by Pinar Temiz

What does sound effect/affect? is a brain-jam-session for game designers, visual artists, performance artists, engineers, sound designers, musicians, and pretty much anyone with a curious mind really.

We will sketch simple (or complex) play-scenarios through thought experiments and we’ll be using our bodies, voices, paper and random everyday materials to do that.


Celia Pearce – The Journey of the CLITar

Johannes Folsgaard – Playing with Intimacy

Marie LeBlanc Flanagan – Coding & journey into games.

Marieke Verbiesen – Using games & interactivity in participatory art

Lisa Rombout – The Body as Controller

Volker Morawe – Alternative interfaces as art practice


Panel 1: Dutch Game Industry with: Alessandra van Otterlo, Eline Muijres, Berendine Venemans, Marieke Verbiesen – What does the Dutch game industry look like? The panelist all made their mark one way or another in the Dutch game industry. We will learn more about their work and thoughts about the past & future of the Dutch game industry

Panel 2: Game Artists: Liselore Goedhart, Aïda de Ridder, Isabella Koelman – These Dutch game artists will tell us about their work, inspirations and challenges of making art for games.

Panel 3: Experimental (Game) Design – Perspectives from Abroad with: Celia Pearce, Phoenix Perry, Johannes Følsgaard, Kaho Abe. After hearing from Dutch designers, what are the experiences from abroad? Our international guests will join us to talk about their work and perspectives.



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